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#1 seems like a bad idea as after boarding the FA's, in addition to other duties, now have to check every single bag in the overheads for a sticker and READ the sticker to verify it matches the flight number and date......Not going to happen

It would greatly speed the boarding process if people would take the stuff they need for the flight out of the bag BEFORE boarding, so we don't have to wait while they stand in the aisle and do it. I remember one time, before boarding, I had taken my BOSE out of my bag and the agent made me put them bag in my backpack because the Bose case was an extra "bag"........... Almost as odd as that time in 1995 when I had a key ring with a one inch plastic Super Soaker replica on it. Security staff at Sacramento Airport insisted I remove it before letting me through to meet my son at the gate. Luckily he gate was right next to the security point and I just shouted to let him know I was there. In 1995, box cutters were OK, but inch long plastic Super Soaker "guns" were not.

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