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Originally Posted by RY7 View Post
Don't forget to check yourself out when you're in HKG
Otherwise they will look around for you since you I guess have the HKG to HAN boardingpass
I have followed this entire thread, so any questions are more asking for any summary information that might be more current. I have completed the Han-hkg-yvr leg in may. I now have the yvr-hkg-han part in October. I have pretty much decided not to continue on to Han since I would like to spend a couple of days in HKG. I purchased my ticket on the CX website. We will only have carry on luggage. I am not clear on what "checking myself out when I am in HKG" means. I assume I will have my HGK-HAN boarding pass.

My plan so far is to go to the lounge upon arrival in HKG, get a shower, and whatever else I might need, and then ask to be taken to immigration. This plan worked on the may trip as far as getting someone to take me to immigration so that we could spend the 10 hour layover in Hong Kong rather than the lounge. There was resistance, but I am confident it can be achieved again.

I don't want for Cathay to have to look for us or otherwise suffer because of my absence. By the time that flight leaves, I will already be somewhere else. Although it just occurred to me that I was hoping to use my cathay miles to get to the next destination. May have to rethink that. I haven't picked my next destination yet, but likely will be chiang mai, singapore, or Bali. So, when and how is the best time to advise Cathay that I will not be on that HKG-HAN flight which is on Cathay Dragon in business 10 hours after I arrive in HKG. Before reading this, I was going to just go to the desk and tell them my spouse couldn't continue and please take us to immigration so we can see a doctor.

As an aside, would there be any hope of somehow being able to get any value out of the HKG-HAN business class ticket towards another destination? I tried it on the phone but no karma. It would probably be worth the change fee if I could get a ticket to one of the cities mentioned above.

I should say that I will be flying in first from yvr-HKG and planning to go to the Wing lounge.

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