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I would call the hotel, and make sure they have your booking in THEIR system. I once had a situation where even though the concierge sent me a confirmed rezzy from their system, it wasn't in the hotel's system. In that situation it was because the hotel had somehow booked it under the travel agent/concierge's name. We eventually figured out what happened, but I'm glad we did that a few weeks before checking in, rather than standing around the front desk wondering why a fully prepaid rez was not in their system on a sold out Xmas week. This is especially important at independent / non chain properties that don't have slick websites where you can see all your upcoming / prior stays at one place.

And yes, sometimes properties don't run pre-paid or high deposit stays ahead of time, or they might do it on one day of the week, or a few days prior to arrival. If needed you can call ahead to push it through (if you were meeting an MSR, or wanted to get a travel credit burned up before a certain date, or whatever reason).
OK, so update on this:

1) Citibank already credited me the one night stay.
2) Credit card has not been charged a thing

I emailed the resort with the booking # and apparently they don't charge the card,but rather, send you a payment link (which i never received probably because it went to the concierge email) and you use THAT to pay.
Glad I asked/checked.
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