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So some of the answers were Snarky.....I asked a genuine question about a subject I thought someone may have been able to assist. It appears sadly I was wrong. To answer some of the above genuine replies, yes I have asked Emirates, who were less that helpful and in fact gave wrong information. No it’s not about allergies, he is a 10 yr old lad who eats for England, if memory serves me well the kids meals I have seen on previous Emirates flights, were more like meals for very young children, he has seen the menu for adults and didn’t like the choice, I was merely trying to find out what sort of thing is served as a child’s meal nowadays as I have not flown Emirates for over twelve months, and would it be enough for him on a 7 hr flight.

for the snarky children on here, feel free to send me your messages to me as a message so I can reply appropriately
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