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Originally Posted by Artmasterx View Post
I applied July 1, got a rejection for incorrect supporting docs on July 13, and replied a few hours later with more documentation. No response to the consideration yet.

Today I received a similar twitter reply of you should have given it 6-8 weeks . I suppose the Twitter equivalent of HUCA is to start a new DM thread with Delta and hope you get a different person? I have a flight to Korea in a 5 days and would really love for that to count toward my platinum match. So I may pester them again on Friday if I have not heard anything to see if any magic happens.

I would love to hear if you get a positive response to this. If my reconsideration is not approved in time, I will be taking the same route and beg them to backdate the challenge. If I can get my Korea flight counted fully, then I will certainly achieve the challenge, but questionable if it does not.
This entire process seems to be much harder than it needs to be, not sure why Delta is making it so opaque. The site says verbatim "*Requests are typically reviewed within 5 business days, but please allow up to 2 weeks.". I can plan my application around this timeline, but I cannot plan my travel around unpublished random timelines. I waited until 7/1 and have also DM'd on Twitter asking to expedite, "TMS" said they could not do so and I should expect "3 to 4 weeks". This is twice as long as the timeframe offered on their site. I have an intl W trip leaving today and chose SkyTeam solely to match here from AA, and now that won't be possible. Very frustrating.

As to the "incorrect docs", where were you matching from? Earlier upthread I asked what is acceptable elite credentials since AA stopped giving physical luggage tags, so I sent a screenshot. If that ends up not working, I will probably give up since this entire SkyTeam trip will have been a waste.
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