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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
2. (1982) Life in Helena, Montana is pretty nice but when it comes to flying out of town, the options are severely limited. And expensive. As fate would have it, your wife needs to help care for her mother who’s recently broken her hip in a fall. Mother B. lives in Fargo, North Dakota. A call to your travel agent reveals that there are a variety of connections available – some with long layovers – or there’s a four-stop direct flight – on a jet no less – that will get into Fargo in the mid-afternoon. After a missed connection last year that robbed the family of a day in the Caribbean, your wife opts for the four stopper. Identify the airline, aircraft and the four stops in order that she’ll be flying.

I don’t recall FL with much Montana-to-Denver service down thru Wyoming after the Convair 580 days, so I’m gonna look in a somewhat more westerly direction and guess Salt Lake City (SLC) was the stop after BZN

Now you're cookin'! Here's the schedule:

Frontier FL 352 Helena (HLN) 734a-754a Bozeman (BZN) 814a-912a B Salt Lake City (SLC) 937a-1035a Denver (DEN) 1125a-145p L Sioux Falls (FSD) 203p-248p Fargo (FAR) 737-200 Daily

23. (1983) Jets are wonderful inventions, but you’ve fond memories of your many flights aboard propeller driven aircraft such as the DC-6, Lockheed Electra and Vickers Viscount. You especially miss the large windows on airplanes like the Viscount, Convair 580 and Electra. Imagine then your surprise and delight to discover that in 1983 it’s still possible to fly all the way from Philadelphia to Chicago aboard a turboprop from the 1950s. The flight doesn’t operate nonstop of course – two enroute stops are made – but hey, so much the better as you’ll have that much more time to enjoy the experience enroute. Identify the airline, the aircraft and the two enroute stops.

Well, I think I will be looking for my bottle of Russell’s Reserve ... last guess: Herman the Duck adorning the tail of a Republic Airlines CV5, stopping in Detroit (DTW) and Kalamazoo (AZO)

Now, now... don't make this the last guess. With Republic you've eliminated just about every possible airline except for the one we're looking for. Additionally, both stops were in Ohio but in cities yet to be identified. You can do it, J! Don't make me have to call WHBM!

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