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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
8. (1982) The Canadian rock band Rush is playing next weekend in Calgary and you’re excited to have scored two fourth row tickets to the concert. Although there are no nonstop flights between your home airport in Portland, Oregon and Calgary, you figure you’ll fly up to Vancouver and connect to Calgary from there. Alas, you can’t find anything but First Class seats between YVR and YYC. No way, man… that’s too much money. Hmm… what’s this? Well how ‘bout that?! There’s a daily three stop direct flight between Portland and Calgary that has two seats available at a fairly reasonable fare. Identify the airline, aircraft and the three enroute stops.

Republic operating a DC-9-10 on a routing of Portland-Seattle-Pasco-Spokane-Calgary.

You'd think, wouldn't you? But NO! It was a different airline flying along a completely different routing. Please do have another go at this one!

17. (1983) You’ve got a breakfast meeting with a new client scheduled for Wednesday morning up in Austin. It’s a bit far to drive from your office in McAllen, Texas but thankfully there’s a direct morning flight that’ll get you into Austin at 8:25am. Two stops are made enroute but at least the flight is operated with a spacious jet rather than a small prop. Identify the airline, the stops and the aircraft type.

Emerald operating a DC-9-10 on a routing of McAllen-Houston-San Antonio-Austin.

Hmm... yes and no. Per the schedules I referenced for this question, the flight was marketed as having been operated by Pan Am. That said, this was a cooperative effort with Emerald Air. There were no DC-9's ever painted in the Pan Am livery. As to the stops, here's what we know so far... MFE - ________ - IAH - AUS. Let's finish this one off!

And hey! It feels great to say Welcome Back and thank goodness that you all managed to escape the worst of Barry. Here's hoping you've successfully relocated to the high ground by the time the next big storm comes through. ^
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