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Originally Posted by Well Red View Post

Agreed... that’s why I’m posting here. I mean, I’ve seen that response before to non-PLT/Centurion holders trying to buy their way in. But never to a PLT. That’s also why I clarified the card I was using—to preempt the inevitable “you must not be a PLT/Centurion”. Lol

Anyways, it was very odd but the SEA lounge has always been “special”. Wasn’t it like an “Express” with limited benefits/services at one point? Anyways, if the general consensus is not that it is a new, SEA only policy then I’ll call them once I land to ask what’s up.
For some lounges that have a dedicated Centurion-area inside an Amex lounge, the lounges can at times be full except for the area reserved for guests coming in with Centurion cards (and/or their holders). I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of that kind of thing happening, but something sounds off with the Centurion lounge at SEA unless they had some kind of event or situation going on that made them want to empty out the lounge of visitors for some period of time or minimize visitor count while trying to do something for an event or maintenance or something else that isn’t a daily occurrence.
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