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I have not stayed in The Bulgari since 2017, so things could have changed, but the service was definitely not the reason to stay. I stayed five times in about a month and complained almost every time. The only reason to stay was the location, if you like being near Harrords (I do not) and their awesome spa, including the great pool and hydrotherapy pool. I don't think energy is the word to use as there isn't much of an atmosphere as mostly no one is there, but the bar is decent, albeit very dark (as is the rest of the hotel).

The rooms are rather boring and pretty standard - even the entry level suites, which you stand almost no chance of getting upgraded to due to how few of them there are, are nothing to write about. I like minimalism, but not that much. It's only if you can get a top suite that you'll start to feel you're in a great hotel. Sadly their once great restaurant is no more, which is not surprising as I genuinely never saw it more than 10% full - I guess the basement was not the best place to put a restaurant and rely on corporate to keep it running. I have not tried their new restaurant though.

I know this is all negative, but I still do like the hotel and I would still stay.....if their pricing was reasonable. As 99% of my stays in London are overnight, I just can't justify spending so much when I'm there to be anywhere but the hotel. They're often twice as expensive as The Connaught, which isn't good value to me - especially as I'm almost guaranteed a suite upgrade.
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