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Originally Posted by krazykanuck View Post
I find that location is rarely uncomfortably crowded despite the small size. Probably helped significantly by the relative lack of connecting traffic vs. O&D traffic, and most people flying DL are probably not going to bother going there with the current construction/shuttle situation.
Last month while at LGAís Centurion lounge, as a party of two, I couldnít find any seats anywhere to sit together except for at the bad end of the bar (the side furthest from the windows looking outside to the planes). And that was after wandering around for several minutes and waiting for some people to leave. Even finding a seat for just myself wasnít going to be much better, but part of that problem was in how people spread themselves and/or their stuff around on furniture that could be shared but isnít and thus getting a seat means disturbing them to sort of make room for strangers.
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