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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
3. (1987) Passengers flying between Cork, Ireland and London, England have a choice of three BAC-111 operators, each operating the little British twinjet into a different London area airport (LHR, LGW or LTN). Can you identify each of the three airlines and match it up with the corresponding airport?

From my limited knowledge of British airlines, this sounds like British Airways to LHR and British Caledonian to LGW. No idea about LTN since EasyJet wasnít around back then.

Well now, you're correct on BA into LHR, however BCal was not one of the other airlines we're looking for. How about a wild guess on those two? This approach has occasionally served other participants well... I mean, what have you got to lose? Surely embarrassment at the wrong answer could hardly count. Look at me and how I thrash about with wild answers and questions to boot. Life goes on. Roll the dice and give it a go!

20. (1983) You need to fly from Baton Rouge, Louisiana up to Virginia next week. Since your appointment is out near Dulles, IAD will be your airport of choice. Surely this is gonna involve a connection somewhere along the way. Whatís that old sayingÖ ďWhen I die and go to heaven, Iíll probably have to connect in AtlantaĒ. Dulles is hardly heavenly, but you look skyward and say a small prayer upon discovering that thereís a three stop direct flight that departs Baton Rouge every morning at 7:43am. Identify the airline, the three enroute stops and the aircraft type.

With Southern long gone, Iím thinking Delta was about the only game in town at that point. Iíll suggest a DL 727 via BHM and ATL. (Hey, at least itís just a stop and not a connection.)

Delta would be a likely candidate out of BTR, but alas, it was not DL, nor did the flight stop in either BHM or ATL. Please, guess again!
I see someone else got to the Cork to London question before me - which is quite alright, as I was truly out of ideas, and Iíd prefer to work from memory.

As for Baton Rouge to Washington, I see I misread it as two stops rather than three. Eastern was in BTR, but an Eastern milk run that avoids ATL seems unlikely. So Iíll say Republic via Southernís MEM hub and North Centralís DTW hub. Iím guessing the additional stop would be between those two - SDF (Louisville) seems reasonable.
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