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Speaking of food prices, I was at The Ledge the other night and one of their entrees was a type of beef I think prime rib listed at $350 per kg. Thatís the exception though, of course, I think it was a special item for that night, they change the menu daily.

The free breakfast fast includes a full buffet and eggs cooked to order, choice from the menu of omelette, eggs Benedict, poached, over easy, sunny side up, etc. Thereís no extra charge for the eggs.

Hereís a weird thing about the breakfast buffet. Every other buffet Iíve ever been to has packs of butter out, usually on ice, generally located somewhere near the breads.

Not here. The butter packs are kept squirreled away presumably under lock and key. You have to flag down a waiter and ask for butter. Then heíll bring you a pack of Beillevaire butter a few minutes later. After a day or two youíll learn to order butter when you arrive and order your orange juice.

I guess this is a luxury butter and the WA guests couldnít be trusted to have free access to it on the buffet line, lest we would be lining our pockets with pack after pack of butter and stuffing our suitcases with it when we leave.

Now I guess their explanation could be ďWe want to make sure the butter is served at the right temperature, for your enjoyment and for food safety reasons, we donít want to put out rock hard butter thatís hard to spread and then have it melt or get warm as itís sitting out there on the line.Ē But theyíve got a yogurt/smoothie fridge they could keep the butter in there and give us free access to as much as they want, if they dare.

1st breakfast at tasting today :
Yes we also had to ask for butter.
It was a piece of cut butter and was tasteless.

We are foodie : breakfast comments
Selection are bare bone.
Quality surpar.
Regular coffee 2 thumbs down
Fresh juices weren't sweet rather tasteless too
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