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Originally Posted by Blueskyheaven View Post
What's the big deal , advantage of " connecting" if it doesn't mean free stop over? Why would you connect? If I am in US want to go to mumbai, dubai for few days each and come back, how will this " connecting without additional miles" help me? Not trying to be rude, I am just confused cos Gary made it seem like a big deal or something to take advantage of.
Because some FFPs -- like BA's -- charge for each flight flown; connections are not free in such programs.

AA awards are zone-based, so connections are free, as long as you fly an approved routing.

The other significant point Gary was making is that AAdvantage permits a third-zone transit when flying EY from North America to India. AA split the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent into two different zones a while back, and the general rule on AA awards is no third-zone transit on an award. But AA has carved out certain exceptions to this rule, and Gary was pointing one of them out.

AA also generally does not permit routing via the Pacific on a North America to India award, but they've made an exception to that rule (and to the no-third-zone-transit rule) by permitting CX to be used for North America to India awards via HKG, as I pointed out in one of my earlier posts.

If you are uncertain of the meaning of terms of art like "connection" or "stop over" you encounter here on FT, I encourage you to consult the FT Glossary, which you can access by clicking on "Help."
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