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Is it worth it just to push for a CCR card? No, not really, since the CCR is not that great a lounge in the global sense (but of course quite a step up from the school canteen that is GF). Especially since I do not actually fly BA metal that often, with preference for other carriers, I do not visit that often.

The real benefits are the thresholds for 7k, 8k, 9k etc for extra GUFs or the 50k avios (I do not value the joker personally, since I do not struggle for reward space, nor can they be used for OW metal).

However, if you are flying a lot of BA metal from LHR, the CCR is a decent enough place to be. Some of the nice benefits are the free changes to ET RFS tickets on nearly every occassion I ask for, and the contact with the HVC team, but I guess that is more to go with GGL rather than CCR.
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