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There's no doubt in my mind that AS provided an alternative means of getting everyone to the final destination, though it may not have been ideal or acceptable to OP. I just can't fathom Alaska landing elsewhere due to weather and saying "sorry, we're pretty close, best of luck. no refunds" and that being the end of it. Perhaps OP didn't wait around to hear what the alternative was and doesn't know, or isn't monitoring these forums today to provide an update as to what was offered by AS.
It seems like if you turn down the alternate accommodations you should still get a refund.

If my flight is canceled, and they offer me a flight the next day, and I refuse, I can cancel for a full refund.

I understand that this is a little different because they got part-way there. OP probably could have claimed "trip in vain" and gotten a full refund and free transportation back home from the mid-way point... and they are asking for less than that.

Personally I would call (not email) AS customer care. I find that their agents are usually pretty accommodating. I'm not sure how much of this is due to status and how much is just regular policy. Still, emailing is likely to get you a canned response that may or may not have any bearing on the message that you wrote. On the other hands that phone agents are really good at listening, explaining the situation, and offering what I've always considered to be more than reasonable. They also seem to have a fair amount of discretion.
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