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Angry I needed help. I think I got scammed (not by United)

So I just bought the ticket yesterday night and then the next day I tried to cancel the reservation.
I then searched on google and dial the 1833 number which I later realize it was myflightsearch.com
and I spoke to them regarding of cancelling my flight. They told me I won't get full refund and I was
wondering why, since it's under 24 hours period, so I told then that I'll think about it. When I hung up the
phone and call United number that starts with 1866 number, the automated system couldn't find my
reservation any longer. So I went to United.com and search for my flight and it appears that the
website I called earlier have cancelled my reservation without my knowledge.

So I'm here looking for anyone who can assist me what I can do from here onward? Can I ask my CC
to dispute United charges? I paid over $1400 for the ticket and I don't know what will happen to it.
I appreciated for all the help.
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