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Originally Posted by sullim4 View Post
I applied over the phone for this card just now. I had to email a copy of my passport and my most recent paystub. I then e-signed an application that will be manually reviewed by their underwriter.

The gentleman was quite friendly, it's definitely an old school, traditional bank tailored towards personalized service rather than technology or use of call centers. This has its pros and cons - their website isn't the most up to date, no mobile app, can't apply for just the card without a rep, etc but on the flip side, you have an actual person that you can call when you hit issues... there's no massive call center to deal with.

This would normally not appeal to me, but the benefits of this card outweigh the inconvenience of having to deal with manual processes.

I agree with others that they are looking to build a client base that's high income that values service, and it does look like they are using this as a loss leader, or perhaps they are counting on higher income people to just not use the benefits like a FTer would. I work for a large tech firm and he mentioned that he worked with several people from my employer to set up this card.

One thing worth mentioning - the banker mentioned that AU's have a portion of the credit limit allocated towards them, which is subtracted from the account holder's credit limit. So, for example, if you have a $20k credit limit, you could choose to apply $10k to your authorized user, leaving you with the remaining $10k limit. He suggested applying for a larger credit limit than you ordinarily might due to this. I hadn't seen this mentioned, so I suppose we'll see if this is indeed the case.

FWIW, I applied with someone in the San Diego branch, perhaps other branches have tighter restrictions on applying in person.
One small example of service difference. I call in to Citi for a something related to a AA Plat card. Takes 3 minutes on the phone tree to eventually get a human.

Call in to CNB, pretty much every time someone picks up right away, no phone tree BS. I realize there's a diff in the annual fees, thus reflected in the service, but the same thing happens on the $495 Prestige too

CNB people are also generally pretty competent.

Cardholders will eventually be expected to grow the relationship in real ways though.

My banker said at some point they had been told that card renewals may not happen for those why they think won't need other services.

Not sure how true that is, or if people ever get a/c closed due to that, but it makes sense to me.
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