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Originally Posted by justsawaufo View Post
Booked myself into:
TLV-IAD (lowest Z)
IAD-TLV (unrestricted Z)
for a total of 5000 instead of 4750.
Do you know if the unrestricted Z fare allow unlimited changes? or just one for free?
This is getting a little beyond my expertise but, yes an unrestricted ticket allows unlimited free changes (and a free refund). However, this must be within the ticket validity (one year from purchase) -- I'm not sure if this is reset after the first change or not since the ticket is reissued.

Be careful; usually the most restrictive changes on the entire ticket govern it so combining restricted and unrestricted fares usually doesn't work. However, I am not 100% sure how this plays out if you change, not cancel, and only change fare components with no change fee (not sure if the reissue fee is overridden or not).

Finally, your prices are a little suspect. I see $4,400 in Z (lowest) and $4,900 in Z (unrestricted) for those sectors; you can drop it to $3,900 for an unrestricted Z fare if you route via BOS in one direction (uses ZFFILW on TLV-BOS with a free stopover anywhere along the routing in the USA).
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