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I have to say, having status seems to make very little difference in my (I acknowledge limited) experience. I have seen plenty of people at the front of the Groups 1-3 queues having a wheely bag taken off then, to much wailing.

I was going to say my best strategy has been to only have one bag and nothing else on my person - and then OP said "Actually I'll be carrying a backpack which does fit plus a trolley." I think if the flight is full and you are either at the beginning or near the end, you have a high chance of the wheely being taken off you. Exactly the same thinking as @SteveF, if the trolley is your only bag the chances are it has items in it you need to remove (prescription medication, laptop, valuables, coat) and so it will be a faff for the gate agent to wait for you to take all those items out before you board and you are likely to complain about having to carry all those items by hand onto the plane. That is my thinking anyway.
Fair enough. The reason I'm asking is because we'll be in OPO-LGW on a Monday night, landing at LGW at 23:15. I just don't want to be waiting for our bags till dawn... Two weeks ago they took ages to come out in LHR T5. You could see the desperation in everyone's faces
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