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Originally Posted by sullim4 View Post
One thing worth mentioning - the banker mentioned that AU's have a portion of the credit limit allocated towards them, which is subtracted from the account holder's credit limit. So, for example, if you have a $20k credit limit, you could choose to apply $10k to your authorized user, leaving you with the remaining $10k limit. He suggested applying for a larger credit limit than you ordinarily might due to this. I hadn't seen this mentioned, so I suppose we'll see if this is indeed the case.
This is not completely true. When I applied it, I could control how much CLs I want the AU to have, up to the entire CL. For example, if my CL is $30k, I can let AU to have CL from anything up to $30k. No change to my own CL.

This is the same way how AmEx lets you control AU CL.
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