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Originally Posted by Tino View Post
Wait - FT is looking into creating a forum that is, by its very nature, anti-travel? Give it a shot and see how that turns out for you.
It wouldn't need to be "anti-travel." Maybe carbon conscious? Not all travel is excessively carbon consumptive, and if air travel is (with current technology), maybe that is something worth discussing in an air travel forum.

Originally Posted by Azamaraal View Post
Unfortunately 'climate change' is not basic science. As the planet we live on has passed through major and minor ice ages over the centuries there is no direct evidence that we are in a 'climate crisis'.

But groupthink rears its lovely head and "we all know that climate change due to mankind and CO2 is the culprit" which unfortunately cannot be proven as the models keep demonstrating that they are flawed. Henny penny and the sky is falling.

One thing is clear - we are approaching 10 Billion inhabitants in a world that probably could safely (and carbon friendly) support 4 Billion. Shut down 6 Billion wood fires and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere would drop significantly.

This is not the venue for a climate change war.
I respectfully disagree. At this point in history, the only members of the scientific community questioning (let alone outright denying) man's vast influence on climate change are
(a) North American, and
(b) heavily funded, directly or indirectly, by extraction industries (or, to a far lesser extent, carbon consumers)
We probably all wish that this were not an issue for aviation. But it is, and pretending otherwise doesn't change that.

Originally Posted by tromboneboss View Post
This is a travel blog. It should not be about a pseudo science political argument. Man made global warming is only a theory as it has never been proven one way or the other. I can provide a plethora of citations both ways to illustrate this, but I will not go into this on a travel site. Stick to travel related topics.
This really has been proven, one way. There is no serious debate about that.

Originally Posted by psiddle View Post

Hear! Hear! Bravo!
This really has been proven.

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