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I just recently got the Platinum and Gold cards right before the GC trick stopped working. So I have the full $200 and $100. Tried the partial payment method with WN (Southwest) and I'm not sure if anyone confirmed it, but I believe the residual amount needs to be less than $100. The only reason I tried something greater than $100 was someone in the DL forum posted having a full $200 reimbursed after having a residual of $224. So to be on the safe side, I'd suggest residual amounts of less than $100. WN GC are also instantaneous, just a pain to do two transactions. I purchased both tickets on July 4th, posted July 5th. The <$100 credit posted this morning 7/8 (shows 7/7, counter moved from $100 to $10.02 on 7/7). No credit on the other one yet, and the counter hasn't moved.
another DP that worked only with split pay & <$100; hope ur $155 will be credited like the fare purch >$100 on DL has got reimbursed

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