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Originally Posted by Cynicor View Post
I haven't seen anyone mention the house reef yet. Is there one? Any underwater photos, esp of coral? Would love a review of the snorkelling or house reef diving.
CM Rangali is almost entirely devoid of live coral now, so unless the WA has great snorkelling I think I'll need to go south to the Shangri-La or somewhere.
if you see their insta, they pretty much just keep showing the turtle - probably it's the same turtle in all photos lol.
also i think the coral reef situation (if there is one to begin with) can be quite negatively impacted by construction, and takes a while to recover.

i am actually quite interested in knowing where in Maldives these days (post 2016/7/8, after the El Nino) actually have live corals.
as in, which resort (chain or non-chain, dont care) actually still have colorful house reef.

when i went to Maldives Complete - Resort Finder to search for the answer, by selecting "distinctive" for house reef quality index, i got 9 hits.
but i am not sure the information is up to date.

one of my biggest letdowns at CRMI was the coral situation, it's pretty much all bleached/dead.
it actually looks quite disgusting at low tide when you see the whitish/greyish stuff poking out (on the small island side)...

Are the Shangri-la corals still alive and colorful as of today?
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