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Happened again DTW-DEN yesterday. DirecTV was fully functioning before pushback. At some point during the one-hour mechanical delay (!), the system dropped all live TV and showed only channels 1-1 to 1-11 - including a moving map that said "temporarily unavailable". For the entire flight.

This continued into drink service, when I asked the FA to reset the DirecTV. His response? "But if we do that it'll reset everyone, not just your screen." Um, yes, that was the point - EVERYONE'S DirecTV was down except for the nine movie channels.

The combination of never-working equipment plus FAs who don't know squat about how to operate it equals frustration, poor service, and poor ratings on customer service surveys.

And. United. doesn't. care.
I assume the FAs point was that a reset would disrupt those who are watching movies. Assuming that a reset takes the movies back to the beginning, it would be extremely disruptive to those passengers.
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