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Delta put me on a competitor, in the same class of travel, with a single connection to STL -- not unlike the single connection that I had on Delta -- and the rerouting got me to STL earlier than if I had insisted on flying the ticket as booked on Delta. Delta gave me a $1000 pre-paid American Express as thanks, as well as 3,000 SkyMiles for all of the messing around that I had to do. My experience doesn't seem to be uncommon on Delta if Internet anecdote is to be believed.
I'd imagine that's an outlier, but YMMV. In any event, had you insisted on additional compensation they'd have politely told you they'd let you know, then advised your assistance was no longer needed later once they found other willing volunteers who didn't demand additional compensation. Those other volunteers would have been given the nonstop flight to MSP and you'd remain with the same flights you were ticketed for.

There's always someone else willing to volunteer...
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