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Question No courtesy compensation?

At the gate in Canada before staring a recent trip, I was called by name to the podium. Upon arrival at the gate, Alaska inquired if I'd like to go directly to MSP on Delta as opposed to Y__-SEA-MSP. Presuming that they needed the seat because they were oversold, I said that I might be interested and inquired whether there would be any additional consideration/compensation. I was told that there would be no additional consideration/compensation. It seemed like an odd answer to me, but I agreed to the change and took the direct flight, which saw me get into MSP roughly five hours ahead of my originally scheduled arrival.

Presuming that this was some kind of mistake by the airport staff in Canada, I called Alaska customer service directly, and they, in turn, called the Alaska manager at the Canadian departure airport. The Canada-based manager said as I arrived earlier than would otherwise have been the case, there would be no goodwill compensation of any sort. This, despite me almost certainly having helped out AS with an oversold situation. And I couldn't claim SkyMiles mileage/flight credit on the Delta leg despite it booking into what appeared to be a Z fare bucket. All in all, the whole thing was odd.

I helped out Delta similarly last October, and Delta gave me a $1000 pre-paid credit card as thanks. Helping out Alaska wins you a smile and nothing else if you get in earlier. Is that it? Raw deal if you ask me.
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