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Just wrapped up a three-night award stay as a Globalist for my wife's birthday and was mostly impressed.

Arrived at 2 pm after driving over from the Regency and was allowed an early check in despite the hotel being fully committed during our stay. Booked a base king and was upgraded to an ocean view king on the fifth floor. I was argue it was probably more of a partial ocean view but nice none the less. I was also given the voucher for desert and sparkling wine. The room also had a bottle of sparkling wine, cookies and small box of chocolates for my wife's birthday. Was offered a confirmed 2 pm checkout on arrival with the possibility of 4 pm on day of checkout, but did not need it.

Probably my least favorite part of the stay was actual room. It's small and not very well laid out. The bathroom doesn't make sense as the shower takes up nearly half the space leaving a small area for the vanity which was crowded for two people. On the plus side the closet is actually quite large for a standard room. The bed only has power outlets on one side, which is just stupid in this day and age. The lanai is nice, but the furniture is uncomfortable. I was very underwhelmed by the room in general for a resort charging $900 a night during our stay.

As much poor as I felt the rooms were the facilities were just the opposite. The pools are quite beautiful and have the best views I've seen in Maui. The lobby is quite nice and a great place to relax and watch the sunset. The gym, restaurants and bars were all top notch.

The food and beverage at the resort is outstanding top to bottom, but they do charge for that excellence. I'm not sure what breakfast used to be, but I found the buffet quality to be great. Good variety with high quality foods. Maybe not the best I've had, but its up there. Now whether it's worth $49 plus tax and tip is a whole another story. However, based on the crowds our three days plenty of folks disagree. Pool food was very fresh and delicious as well, but again paying $26 for a chicken rice bowl is a bit much IMO. The same can be said for drinks. I had an outstanding rum old fashioned, but 25 bucks after tip is steep in my book. We did not have dinner on property, but did redeem our chit for desert at Ka’ana Kitchen and the entrees looked amazing as well; again though $44 for fried chicken is expensive. The bartender was kind enough to offer us two deserts after my wife couldn't decide and they were both excellence.

Service was both a hit and a miss. A hit in that everyone was so wonderful and genuinely wanted to help. I can't overstate how friendly, positive and nice everyone was from valet, to hosts, to servers, and it felt very genuine. Everyone seemed very proud of the resort and Maui in general and that was refreshing to see. Outside of the views that may have been the best part. However, the execution was sometimes a miss. Rang down to have valet bring the car around, but 15 minutes later when I get to valet no one relayed that request. Stopped by the front desk to ask for extra pillows to be delivered while out at dinner, return two hours later and no pillows. Asked for cream with coffee at breakfast and have to stop another server after 10 minutes. Nothing huge and every slip up was immediately rectified, but at this price point I would expect better.

All in all it was a really great stay with great pools, amazing views, small rooms, outstanding, but expensive food and friendly staff that didn't hit every note just right. Would I return? Well my wife would in a heartbeat; me I'm not 100%. On points, maybe, although 30k is very steep. Cash? Certainly no unless I could use a TSU. We stayed at the Fairmont last year and at the same price point you get a really nice suite with much more room; albeit not as great pools. That's a personal preference though.

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