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Originally Posted by enviroian View Post
How does one book, hold or confirm any reservation with an invalid credit card to begin with?
I think it is possible to book it with an invalid CC because AA doesnít (didnít) seem to preauthorize the transaction when you hit the complete purchase button. I think AA only used to present it for authorization, thereby validating the card, when it is going through the batch ticketing process. As many of us know, that can take hours.

I do believe there might have been a recent change earlier this year where AA does a $0 charge to the CC, which validates the number. I found out the hard way because Barclays actually blocked my card after they received the $0 authorization request from AA. They claimed transactions like that are usually fraudulent so they blocked my card, although when AA presented the full charge during the ticketing process hours later, Barclays authorized it.
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