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Originally Posted by Jasper2009 View Post
There are plenty of co-terminals, though AE doesn't recognize all of them.

For the most part, co-terminals fall into two categories:

1) cities/regions with multiple airports
2) cities that, at least historically, had/have an int'l airport and an airport primarily used for domestic/regional flights

Some of the more useful ones:


There are various other airports in the US that some, but not all airlines consider co-terminals, such as LAX/ONT, SFO/SJC, MIA/PBI.
MIA/FLL is considered co-terminals by Aeroplan but not MIA/PBI - they are too far apart. Not sure if PBI/FLL would be or not.
Our upcoming trip starts at MIA, return to FLL - it is treated as co-terminal so we have a total of 3 stops on the R/T. (I tried to have an overland between PER and SYD as some mentioned an overland within the destination would not be counted as OJ but agent said we would then need to return to MIA - not a problem but I am afraid the system would not validate the whole itinerary, given as much struggle the agent already had, I would rather not to "rock the boat" and kept PER as a pure Point of Turnaround instead.
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