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Originally Posted by silverforumsurf View Post
Two separate questions for the pros:
1) If you have a inbound return flight the next day, could you do a SDC the outbound flight after the inbound flight?

2) If you SDS for a later flight, and donít clear or miss it. Is the return flight cancelled?
1. No. The app wonít allow it, and I canít imagine an agent would either.
2. In general, if you miss a flight, the rest of the itinerary is cancelled. There is one person on the board who has reported regular success with being able to standby for a flight later than the one that theyíre booked on, but Iíve never figured out how on earth that works. At some point,though, youíre going to have to convince UA to remove the outbound flight from your itinerary. I donít think itís going to let you fly the coupons out of order.

In general, as soon as staff figured out what youíre trying to do ó skip your outbound ó theyíre not going to be helpful.
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