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I did take advantage of it the other day to SDC PN->PN on an instant upgrade B RBD (domestic portion of a PE R fare where I got an instant upgrade).

That one made sense to me, though, because if Id been put on the new flights in B, I could have instant-upgraded them back into PN anyway. Its really just CPUs into PZ that are broken and need to be fixed. For instruments, or for instant upgrades, I do like the change.
Yes, I agree that it seems reasonable for instant / supported upgrades. For most of my discount Y domestic flights, I feel it's been more limiting to schedule flexibility. For me, the particular pain point is in connecting from an international flight to a domestic one, when I prefer to book 2h of connection time or more. Then, while in the air if it appears we'll not be delayed or even might arrive early, formerly I could easily change flights to squeeze the connection time. Now it takes a phone call or agent, so I can't do it until on the ground, and then I want to clear CBP and TSA before doing anything, which easily means I'm making the change 30min later, and all the options are different (worse). Once I did luck into keeping PZ while moving to a shorter connection, but I feel I can't predict when and for which flights they'll level out the upgrade space.
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