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[QUOTE=bluestrudels;30828764]Update Everyone: For those that are holding the converted NC certs, I called in today and a very pleasant legacy SPG rep informed me that all certs gets another 1 year extension each.
He clarified this and confirmed with his supervisor, he then proceeded to cancel the cert and order an attached e-cert to apply on my reservation.
He mentioned in future if anyone gets an legacy SPG rep, just mention to use the IMS system. It's the only system that the agent can manually modify or attached travel certs on their end.
I also called using the contact number via the app on my profile page, no wait time, the number immediately linked me to the "Titianium Elite" Line, whatever that means.
So I would encourage folks with elite status to contact through this method to get a more competent rep than the general line.

So happy to see this in my account now and knowing that my other 2 certs will get to have another extension into Sep 2020 next year!

Can anyone confirm this is still current policy? I have spent a lot of time reading through these pages but haven't seen a lot of discussion about what's possible with the NC certificates other than they can no longer be upgraded (correct?). But they can simply be extended another year? I have two coming up for expiration in September that we can't use, so that would be awesome. One thing I found confusing in this explanation was the comment "he then proceeded to cancel the cert and order an attached e-cert to apply on my reservation" - does this only work if attached to a reservation first? Sorry if these are dumb questions.
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