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So, I thought I remembered what to do when I converted / downgraded. I should have re-read the wiki... looks like they f-d it up. I'm converted / downgraded to a cat 1-5, but no 30K points. Sigh. Something tells me this isn't going to be easy to fix. Thoughts / commiseration invited.

[12 hours later] Well, looks like they didn't screw it up after all. I've got my new package, expiring a year from today, and another 30K points. It is unfortunate that I can't upgrade one category, but overall I'm still stoked at the package. Was able to do a United package when they had a 20K bonus for transfers, so ended up with 152K united miles (my wife got the CP). I'm not a fan of Marriott stays, having to pay for resort fees really annoys me, but getting travel packages post merger has certainly been one of the best deals we've ever had... and I say that even before we stay in the hotels!

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