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You see this kinda crap when people (read shareholders and their representatives) get greedy. Their prices are abstract and all over the place with no logic behind them and you have more than one person deciding on and implementing them and often overriding the person who should be in charge of it. The 'private' transfer is a good example. I would bet an arm and a leg that someone sensible looked at the competition and what was on offer (i.e; boat vs seaplane), decided to price it return then some greedy pencil-pushing suit (read majority shareholder who has money but little or no experience in this industry let alone the Maldives) came in and said "Screw that. Double it!" with a big smirk on his face. Their room rates are possibly now starting to reflect this. You could just see the big egos of those fat bar stars rubbing their hands in glee when they thought that just because they've got a huge, brand spanking new resort and a rich target market, they were gonna get whatever the hell they wanted for it. I mean $1000 for dinner in a cage on a stilt which has no view of anything after sunset. Gimme a break!
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