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Originally Posted by soartoday View Post
Well, this might be the longest of longshots. I'm flying NA-HKG and have a long connection (12 hours) for CX flight to DAD. I'd ideally like to do a 2 hour connection to HAN.

​​​​​Has anyone heard of success in changing flights/in destinations in HKG, or would this be a ridiculous thing to ask?
Funny, I am trying to do the opposite. I have ticketed to HAN but would really prefer to land in DAD since that is my actual destination. It would save me a lot of time and an extra ticket if I could change my CK ticket. Actual routing is YVR-HKG (12 hours)-HAN. I have called asking if I could either have a longer layover in HKG, or change the destination to DAD and told either no availability, or just no. I will keep calling, the flight is in October.
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