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Boarding with known mechanical

Flew Nadi to Akl on Saturday arvo, NZ53.
Initially delayed 50 mins, so a fair wait to start.

What got our goat though was that only after approx 15 mins post boarding were we told that there was an issue with the front tyre and ground crew were sorting it. On boarding we had noted the new tyre on the dolly and 5-6 ground crew staring intently at the nose, not a surprise. All up, about an extra hour after boarding did we depart.

Question, what is the reasoning for boarding a 773 full of pax knowing they will be stewing for an hour on the tarmac? With a fair proportion of kids and infants (and their parents) getting tetchy, it would have been nice to stay in the terminal.

Of course with the flight arriving 2 hours late, we missed the slot and got the dreaded bus...bonus points for maximum crank!

*rant over
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