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How long should it take for my application to show as approved on the GE website after my Interview on Arrival? I did mine last Monday at JFK T1 and the website still shows that it's waiting for me to make an interview appointment. Interesting experience there, I went to the CBP office where the folks who are denied entry are apparently sent. Saw a pair of handcuffs attached to one of the benches (the other end was not attached to a person). I asked to use the bathroom and was asked if I had any drugs on me before being taken to a room with a glass door and a half height divided to hide the toilet. After 10 minutes or so I finally got called in for my interview. The officer had to take my picture and fingerprints twice because something wasn't working right, but in the end she gave me a sheet of paper with my GE number on it and said that I would get the card in a couple of weeks.

I hope never to have to see that office again! Only good news was that my wife was still waiting for our luggage to come out when I was finished (so much for priority handling from Alitalia for flying PE), so at least there was no wasted time.
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