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So I have a trip to bali and staying 6 nights in Amankila. I have now emailed their general indonesia email and emailed Amankila after my mail was forwarded to them with very specific questions and they keep sending me their guest directory without answering my questions. I have now send them a total of 5 emails and got 4 guest directory attachments and no reply to my last one for 5 days. Am I doing something wrong in terms of communication or do they suddenly have the service standards of Holiday Inn? Btw my questions are as simple as asking for which dive sites the dive master would recommend and what day trips from the directory their concierge would recommend for us to prioritize so I can arrange everything before my arrival. Anyone have gm emails or advice as to what I should do?

It is indeed strange that they do not give you a more personal answer. However, I find their directory of activities very detailed with good descriptions of the many and different activities, so reading this and knowing what you like (you know that best) would give you a good idea. I normally let each family member read the activities directory and tell me what they would be most interested in (hiking, cycling, temples, swimming, villages, nature etc.) and make a choice. They also provide a list of suggested highlights, which is what I guess they would recommend since they do not know you personally. We have done most activities there (except diving), and I would be happy to give you more information if you have specific questions. Or you could ask the GM directly of course. They do not have a normal concierge, but everything is really flexible if you would like to change plans short times or take an extra stop/combine activities.
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