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Originally Posted by Leeroy75 View Post
I asked the same question in this forum before a month. Just came back from China. I can confirm that Surfshark works without any problem there.
One thing to be careful about. Connectivity doesn't always work. I've had VPNs while visiting and the consistency isn't there. A corporate one from my employer would work fine. But the commercial ones are a bit flakey... one would work fine, then stop a day or two later. Another one took a half hour before establishing a connection... Depends on the load of the GFOC as well as amount of activity and type of connection I suspect.

Originally Posted by bocastephen View Post
Wouldn't a VPN connection slow things down vs a SIM card running LTE without a VPN, but routing through HK?
Commercial VPNs are pretty responsive these days. You might experience a bit of a slowdown, but not much (maybe 5% if at all). My concern with a VPN (at least with phones and tablets) is that they run down the battery faster. Getting a SIM card to route through HK would bypass that issue...
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