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Originally Posted by Global321 View Post
In theory, you can do it online.
You could also try to DM the CX twitter team. (Others have reported success.)
Worst case, Skype call from Hong Kong.

I would be afraid of going to the transfer desk and speaking to them. If they run your passport it may bring both reservations up. (I am not sure how that works on the backend.)

One way or another you will want to be unchecked in from the DAD flight. Many reports of them searching the lounge looking for missing passengers. What you don't want - if you are going down this path - is for them to start looking for you, pull up your name and itinerary and seeing the second one. An agent could push it to reservations who has the power to cancel both.

I am too risk-averse to try this, but please report back. (Or PM me.)

Good luck and I hope it works!
Worked out okay, no issues. Currently on my flight to Japan instead of Vietnam.

Checked in via mobile app day of my flight. Used the mobile BP to get to through JFK all the way to the gate. Checked in to my other flight from the lounge in JFK, again via mobile app. When my BP was scanned at the gate it prompted a visa check. After they checked my visa my JFK-HKG-DAD BPs were printed but no mention of the other flight.

I tried to uncheck from the HKG-DAD flight via mobile app but wouldn’t let me do it.
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