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Bonvoyed again

Called to convert old cert to new
1) Agent told me it had already been converted and USED therefore he could not complete the transaction, asked to speak to a supervisor "I am the one in charge tonight" (called back later after I got email and got a great agent (who was a supervisor) so clearly he was lying about this as well)
2) Told him I had 4 certs, 2 were used and 2 unused and NOT TO TOUCH THE ONE EXPIRING IN 2 WEEKS
3) Said he couldn't do anything except open a case
4) I get an email that 2 certs were CANCELLED and points show for them in my account (clearly they weren't "used" )
5) No one has authority to correct this directly that I can speak to - have to wait days for them to respond - great system that allows for more misunderstanding at every level (like the game telephone)
6) This agent alone means I will book hundreds to thousands of dollars of stays NOT AT BONVOY
7) Lifetime titanium - I have to spend hours on phone b/c incompetent agent wouldn't let me give him the codes and took actions I expressly told him not to do (touch the cert that wasn't expiring), lied to me rather than just saying I don't know or call back during the day (call was late night)
Rant over
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