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Originally Posted by Aero137 View Post
  • Braised Beef Braised Beef - horseradish sauce, sweet potato mash, brown butter, creamed Savoy cabbage
  • Broccoli-Stuffed Chicken - tomato marinara sauce, roasted Schupfnudeln, cherry tomatoes on the vine
  • Honey and Soy Marinated Salmon - teriyaki sauce, edamame, grits, broccoli
  • Potato Korma Curry - dal makhani, basmati rice, sautťed spinach, paratha bread
All of them sound good, but I know thatís only a small part of the story.

What Iíve seen is that people have had good experiences with shrimp/prawns ex-DFW (and it sounds like the lightest option), so Iím leaning toward that. Iím also thinking the Potato Korma ex-LHR sounds like a safe choice (my backup would have been an AVML anyways). If I was convinced the Braised Beef was going to be executed well, I would go with that though.
I'm also flying LHR-LAX in business class in July. I'm a vegetarian and I'm not keen on Indian food so I just selected the standard VLML option. I checked with a FA friend who regularly works that route and he said that I would probably still get a curry since that's the usual vegetarian meal out of London.
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