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Originally Posted by jdrtravel View Post
I hope it works as well as Twitter as it would be great to have access through messages while in-flight and not have to pay for internet. Or has this been around and I'm late to the party?
This features uses the iOS server and messaging app, so you need to be able to access apple's server to message Delta via the app. Since DL wifi allows messaging on board, you should be able to use this feature, as long as you connect to the wifi and first activate free messaging.

Currently it says they reply within 1 minute, granted it is 7am on a relatively IRROPs free day so far. My guess is when you access the feature it Apple basic info to DL from DL app which includes your status information, and you probably go in a queue based on that. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if this integrates with whatever support software they use to handle all their other social media requests.
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