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Originally Posted by rny321 View Post
1. In the overview section of your account, there is a list of your available certificates. If the certificate is still there, it isn't attached.

2. In the details of your reservation, there is a description of the points needed for your award reservation. If the points shown match the liquidation value of your certificate, it should be attached.
Originally Posted by Soccerjoshj07 View Post
You could call, otherwise:
If you log on and pull up your reservation from the website, it should say something like this at the top!
“This reservation has e-certificate(s).
Your Reward certificates will be sent to your hotel.”
Thank you both! I'm glad I asked since it wasn't properly attached.
Finally got a competent agent after a few HUCA and was able to properly sort things out (certificate no longer showing on account and the online rez page shows "...certificates will be sent to your hotel")
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