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Originally Posted by B0gdan View Post
I've been reading up on their spotty and inconsistent customer service that's why I was asking. 1 flight for 1 year of *A is good for me with a match from Skyteam but getting those 35k is too costly so I'll probably give it up after one year. Will probably go to Skyteam after that.
Agreed.. my experience and conlusion after 2 years of *A.... is the question: what is that status worth for ME ?... almost nothing.

I mostly fly Business or First.. where you dont really need status.. with OW.. as emerald you get First lounge access. well the gold lounges of * are nothing worth for me.. in FRA you get chilli con carne compared to champagne at LHR.

ok.. so what is the status worth if you fly eco ?.. yes.. you get to check in at the C counter.. that is very nice.. of course... but the best value of the OW emerald status when flying eco is that you can choose seats and even extra leg room seats on any OW carrier!!. THAT is worth hundreds of euros and dollars if you fly Y.. but hey.. as *A ??? NOTHING..

so I fly TXL to OPT thru VIE.. thats 4 legas return and they want 25euro per leg per seat?.. thats double the price of the ticket.. as *gold.. ??.. . ok.. I get a free bag.. which I mostly dont need personally...
fast track security?.. nope.. not for *gold..

so I decided.. it was a DYKWI year as *gold.. but thats it.. done :-)
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