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Originally Posted by Heathrow Tower View Post

Heathrow Airport are planning to use the 3 runways in four different configurations and rotate through them to provide respite.

You can see them described in the latest consultation that has just opened.

Essentially, if you consider working from northernmost to southernmost, and where M=Mixed, D=Departures and L=Landing, the modes will be;

Mixed mode won’t be a planned configuration on the middle runway, because the missed approach procedure has to go straight ahead (there’s a runway either side), which means it will conflict with a departure from the same runway (ideally you’d want the missed approach to turn away from the runway if there’s a departure just getting airborne). To enable mixed mode on the middle runway, you’d have to build in a procedural longitudinal separation, for example, the departure must be rolling by the time the inbound is at 6nm from touchdown (so that if there is a go around, there’s enough separation from the departure).....this restriction would cripple the throughput of that runway.

Hope that makes sense!

Super interesting, many thanks. Currently there are only 2 configurations LD, DL and they get swapped according to the day of the month, and every day at 3pm. So basically each configuration is used 50% of the time.
Once we move to 4 configs, when will they be in use? 25% of the time each on average?
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