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Originally Posted by BoeBus View Post
A few questions about single engine taxi please:

When do you [decide to] start the second engine?
Do you keep the APU running and use it’s bleed air to start the second engine or is it the first engine’s job?
When taxying on one engine do you have to compensate when turning for the asymmetric thrust or is this automatically done?

Thanks for satisfying my geeky curiosity!

we liase with ATC as to how long we can expect before line up clearance. This gives us time to start the engine, allow it to run for a specified time dependant on engine type before we are allowed to apply rake off thrust (engine warm up) and complete the after start and before take off procedures. Yes APU bleed is used. The APU burns tea spoons compared to engines at idle and yes re the asymmetric thrust. Not a massive issue given the levels involved though. If we’d be needing a lot of thrust we would start both together.
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