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788 Dreamliner

The service on this flight was phenomenal. The FAs were actively checking on people, problem solving, and making everyone comfortable. they also personally introduced themselves to each person in the PE cabin by shaking their hands and thanking them. PE was told, on this flight, that we were not allowed to use the forward galley and we had to use the rear one. I could see from my seat that they had a nice set up of wraps, sandwiches, chips, cookies, and more. The FAs even decorated with holiday LED lights a cute little signs. The back galley only had orange juice and pretzels


The Grilled Chicken was actually pretty good. The sauce wasn't overpowering. Chicken was tender and not chewy. Salad was also tasteful and I got the correct dressing this time. The Dessert was also very good.

Mid-flight they handed out Chocolate Orange ice cream. At first we said no thanks but the FA said we should really give it a try as this was a rare flavor. It was usually just regular chocolate. So we took it and the FA was right, it was really good!

At first this Orzo Pasta Salad looked like a disaster of a meal. I wasn't quite sure about all those ingredients combined, but it was very good and I enjoyed it. It was served cold and quite filling.
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