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Originally Posted by alex67500 View Post
A message on the Golden ticket event thread got me thinking about AED (Defibrillators) and procedure in extreme cases.

I've seen some AEDs on some BA planes, but are they standard issue on all aircraft now? Are CC all trained on them? And would first-aid trained passengers be welcome to help, or would it be best to leave CC alone in that case? (30mns of CPR was mentioned, that is EXHAUSTING, so a bit of relief might be welcome, but maybe legal liabilities come in?).
My professional background is a paramedic, so I've had countless examples of being part of a team that's done CPR for more than 30 minutes. Firstly if people rotate (3 minutes on - at least 3 minutes off), CPR isn't especially physically exhausting (if you're doing it correctly) you are using your weight to apply most the pressure. Added to which if it your first time or you don't you will get a significant adrenaline hit.

I imagine it is emotional aspect that cabin crew would find most exhausting.
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