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It is almost as though we all have different preferences and needs from the lounge...go figure.

During the work week, I am not much of a breakfast eater and prefer to sleep in for as long as possible before heading off to a client. If anything, I'll grab a banana or bagel from the lounge on the way out.

However, I do greatly value the ability to grab drinks/water/snacks from the lounge at anytime during the day. I'm also a night owl, so I like doing the early hors d'oevres/appetizers in the lounge and then having a late dinner.

So, without a lounge, the "breakfast benefit" is essentially lost on me unless I happen to have no early morning meetings. I'm not going to get up early to have a full breakfast that I don't really want, and swinging through a restaurant to just grab a banana and bagel is harder than it sounds and certainly takes longer than grabbing it from the lounge. Then, I'm buying $2.75 sodas in the giftshop or wandering around looking for a convenience store. I don't normally order dessert with dinner, but when I get back to the room, I like having the ability to wander to the lounge to get a cookie or a small slice of something sweet.

Some here purposely avoid Hyatts with lounges, while I purposely avoid Hyatts without lounges.

Different strokes for different folks.
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